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Commercial Pressure Washing &

Duct Cleaning in Saskatchewan

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Large scale dryer vent cleaning is one of our specialties. From condos and apartments to hospitals, hotels and senior care facilities - we clean 1000's of dryer vents every year.  We have the experience and equipment to handle any large scale dryer vent cleaning job.

Our 200+ psi / 30+ cfm Quincy air compressors are capable of cleaning multiple vents at once, so we are able to move quickly and efficiently through the cleaning process.  Each of our trucks are equipped with a full range of air powered snakes, hoses, rods, and brushes to make sure the vents are thoroughly cleaned. Truck mount or portable vacuums are used where needed.

For dryer vents that are high up, such as condos and apartments, we work from aerial work platforms (zoom booms or Genie lifts) so getting at 3rd and 4th floor vents is not a problem.  For buildings taller than 4 stories, or where aerial platform access might be a problem, feel free to call us to discuss solutions.

If you are having problems with birds plugging your dryer vents, we can clean out all of the debris, get your vents flowing properly and recommend options to keep the birds out permanently.