Pressure Washing &

Duct Cleaning in Saskatoon

​Parkades / Parking Lots / Driveways / Buildings

Commercial, Institutional and Industrial HVAC Cleaning including Schools, Hospitals, High Rise Buildings, Office Buildings, Apartment/Condo Hallway Pressurization Systems, Make Up Air Systems, Rooftop Air Handling Units, Heat Exchangers & Coils, Exhaust Systems and more.

Insulation Removal

Large dryer ducts shared between multiple dryers, or large commercial dryer ducts are cleaned using our Power Vac and Air Whip system. Rotary Brushes are used for stubborn buildup where required.

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   Parking Lot Sweeping, Parkade Sweeping, High Pressure Surface Washing,  Awning & Canopy Washing, Walkways, Driveways, Stairs, Decks, Patios, Floors, Walls, Signage, Drive-thrus and more.

   New for 2018, offering  Sweeping of Parking Lots and Underground Parkades using our Nilfisk Riding Sweeper with Wet Sweeping Capabilities, Dust Suppression System, built in Portable Power Vac and Pressure Washer.

Dryer ducts are cleaned using 250PSI high pressure air to run various cleaning rods and/or rotary skipper tools that self feed into the duct, dislodge the buildup and blow it back out out of the vent opening.

Furnace & Duct Cleaning


​   Our Truck Mounted, PTO driven "Caddy Vac" Vacuum Unit Provides up to 20,000 CFM of vacuum suction, and it's onboard Quincy Air Compressor has an output of 250 PSI Air Pressure to drive various Cleaning Tools including Blow Guns, Rotary Duct Skippers and the Scorpion Air Whip System, used standard on every Duct Cleaning job.

 Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning, Maintenance and Inspection Services including Exhaust Fans, Ducts, Plenums, Hoods, Filters, Baffles, Back Splashes and all related Fixtures.  Systems cleaned in accordance with NFPA #96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.  All work is performed by trained and experienced Technicians. Licensed and Insured with $5,000,000 Liability Coverage, WCB Compliant, PAC Certified and Authorized by the Saskatoon Fire Department.   We have hundreds of satisfied customers, many we've been doing business with for 10 or even 20 years, so we can offer an extensive list of references with any quote.

​We also offer Sidewalk and Patio Power Washing / gum removal and Garbage Area and Grease Bin clean ups.


Restaurant Services

​Dryer Duct / Vent Cleaning


   Removal of blown in Cellulose, Fibreglass and Woodchip insulation by power vacuum, directly into dumpster bin or into disposable vacuum bags.


   Our fleet includes Two Mobile Pressure Wash Trucks, each one fitted with Aaladin or Hotsy Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washers, Specialty Nozzles and Wands, Duct Spinners, Detergent Foamers, Pole Scrapers, Brooms, Shovels, Ladders, Shop Vacs, with several hundred feet of Non Scuffing High Pressure Hose on each unit.

   Also, each of our trucks can be equipped with Generators, Compressors, Sump Pumps, Lights and any other necessary Tools, Equipment and Chemicals to complete the job.

   For those tough to reach locations, we have several Commercial Grade Portable Gas or Electric Powered Pressure Washers, and for locations without a water source, we have a water carrying capacity of up to 500 Gallons.